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The Brand

When i was around 8 or 9, before every class trip, my Mom would always buy me a Kodak camera. (Yes, I’m a millennial.) With that camera, I would take pictures of the cool artifacts I saw or interesting things l learned from a museum. My absolute favorite thing to do with that camera was to take pictures of those I loved; my friends and family. Whenever I finally developed the film inside my camera to actual pictures, things started to click.

As previously mentioned, creativity stems from both sides of my family; Paternal and Maternal.

It just runs through my bones. The funny thing is, I never considered myself artistic, because I wasn’t able to illustrate my ideas down on paper, like my older Sister and my Father. And to be honest, this frustrated me so much as a little kid. The only thing I felt like I was good at, was neatly coloring in the lines. (Ha! Seriously.)

My earliest memories as a child, involved my Dad’s Polaroid camera. Of course his main subjects were Leesa and I. There, my love for being in front of the camera devolved! (Thanks Dad.) But as I continued to grow, so did my love for taking pictures…​

It took me years, but I finally realized that I loved freezing moments with a click of a button. And to top it off, I could keep re-living that moment every time I looked at the picture I took. That my friend, is why I decided to start this brand, my brand of FyneApple.

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