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Yellow is the New Black

Updated: Jul 5, 2018


What do all these foreign words have in common? Well for starters, they all mean the exact same thing... YELLOW. Now I know what you're probably thinking, "is this post seriously talking about the color yellow?" Kinda, but not exactly. Honestly, I would write a whole thing about how AWESOME this color is, but it's not that kind of post. So what is this post about?

Well, as a little girl, growing up in Asbury Park, also in the 90's, bright colors were definitely a huge part of my life. (Wasn't by choice, but I ain't mad.) Either by my bright 90's wardrobe, my Uncle Zinc's graffiti plastered on walls, or simply by the cartoons I enjoyed watching. And from then on out, bright colors have always caught my attention. I can definitely tell you that I have always been attracted to the color Yellow. Like, literally, its my favorite since forever.

I remember being around 3 or 4 years old and I had this yellow-goldish swimsuit that was totally blinged out. I wore that swimsuit for yearssss and was devastated when my Aunt Georgia decided to give it to my little cousin, Rae'Ven as a hammy-down. (Still mad about that. LOL) But whenever I think about my childhood and the good times my family and I shared, that color Yellow was always present. From my swimsuit, to my first big-girl backpack, (it was a bumblebee) to my Barbie Volts Wagon Yellow Bug, and almost every t-shirt I owned. YELLOW.

For the people who don't really know me or just getting to know me, may not really understand why my love for this color is so real. Yellow is my all time favorite color, because it truly defines ME. Its BRIGHT, JOYFUL, FUN, and UNAPOLOGETICALLY ITSELF. (I feel like its such a daring color, since its all up in your face.) But this is why I love it oh so much and why its so important to me to wear it every single time I'm involved in a photo session. Not only do I want people to see this fine color in action, but more importantly, understand a little bit about the girl taking their photo.

As crazy as this sounds, Yellow helps me to remember who I am and who I have become. This is definitely one thing I can say that has not changed and stayed constant over the years. I remember once I was on a family vacation with my Dad. We were in the beautiful Florida, at Downtown Disney! (What an exciting trip I had with my pops.) I was leaving for New Jersey that same night. I got great, thought out gifts for my family and friends back home, and now all I was looking for was a yellow key-chain for myself. Nothing too grand, just a simple Minnie-shaped heart yellow key-chain.

No surprise, I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, (bummer) and my dad saw my dilemma. There was a key-chain I found, that I really liked, but it was pink. I was okay with getting it and I ended up buying it. I wanted a new key-chain, but my Dad knows me and knew what I was looking for. He encouraged me to never settle, because yellow was my color and that's what I wanted.

As small as that may sound or silly to some, that had a big impact on me and I still remember that conversation until this very day! So as I shout out loud to the mountain tops, just know that for me YELLOW IS THE NEW BLACK.

#yellowisthenewblack #beyou #UNAPOLOGETICALLYYOU #yellowfever

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