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Ride That Wave 🌊

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Like mentioned in a previous blog post, I got my start at life being raised in Asbury Park, NJ. As a kid, this town wasn’t anything like it is now, in 2018. It’s crowded, busy, & SO alive. I remember Asbury more so, a lifeless city... No one came to Asbury back in the day, but things have taken a turn for the BETTER.

Asbury Park now is BOOMIN’! & shining in lights! (I'd like to say.) It’s the complete opposite of what I’ve always known it to be. Truthfully, Asbury wasn’t always the safest town, but it was home. We use to live right on Borden Ave, off of Springwood Ave. (AKA Lake Avenue.) What i loveeeeed about this town though, is that you WALKED EVERYWHERE!! It wasn’t as suburbby as the next town i lived in. So of course everything was relatively easy to get to. There were a few spots in AP my family and I would go to often. The list as followed:

  • 1. - The corner store on Bangs avenue, right next to Asbury Park Middle School. My Dad and I would go there everyday after school (I was in kindergarten) when the weather would start getting warm. He would always buy my a barrel shaped blue or red juicy and my beloved cinnamon roll. LOL good times.

  • 2. Monroe Towers, that’s where we use to live, but my nana lived there, so naturally that was my favorite spot.

  • 3. & Last but not least, this GIANT hair store on Bangs Ave!

Growing up as a young black girl in AP, it was an absolute must to have my hair done and looking right. My Mom didn’t play when it came to doing our hair. (Even though she didn’t really know how and I was EXTREMELY tender-headed! Ha!) She would always buy packages of barrettes, in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some big, small, solid colors, some see-through etc. We had it all, just in case. Either way, i loved that hair store.

To make a long story short about this hair store, it’s no longer there on Bangs Ave., but instead there’s new shops occupying the space. One of them is a very familiar store, that’s close to my heart, 723 Bangs Avenue, The Vintage Wave.

I have to give this store props and kudos. I have SO much admiration towards The Wave Family for many reasons, but because they believed in me and my talent, I’m sharing with you guys my passion, which is Photography.

Because it was the Super-Bowl, they were doing a promotional sale for those who are either Flying with the Eagles or the die-hard Patriots fan. and they asked me if I would be the photographer. Of course I said YES! That shoot boosted my confidence like you wouldn’t believe it and I’m so happy for that experience. They even liked me so much that they choose me to be their main photographer! HOLLA FOR A DOLLA.

So if any of you guys are down in Asbury Park for either the day, for the weekend, or just passing through this poppin town, check out The Wave. They specialize in vintage apparel and sportswear fashion for BOTH; Men & Women! (For once ladies, we're not excluded! Because who said we can't rock sportswear!?)

They also have authentic pieces you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Trust & believe me y’all, you won’t regret it. Oh! & on Sundays they run a 10% off discount to all who live in Monmouth and Ocean County! Tell them FyneApple sent you. 😉

You're Welcome!

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