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Updated: Jul 3, 2018

What is a Photographer?

Many dictionaries defines it like this,

"One who captures emotions, at an exact point in time."

But what makes a good photographer? Apparently, people who have these five key things: creativity and imagination, an eye for detail, patience and flexible, good people skills, and the most important one (I think) passion.

What makes ME a good photographer? I would personally say, recognizing something for what it is, SPECIAL, then freezing that moment, to have it forever. That's why I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. As the sole photographer behind FyneApple Photography, the most important thing for me in every photo session I have the privilege to be a part of, would be, freezing beautiful moments.

As previously mentioned in the section, "The Brand" I made the comment that I grew up loving photography. I mean, this is true, the love started there. But I want to share some steps that led me up to this point... & if you know me, there’s always a story... Check out the following post, "Impulsive Reactions Aren't Always Bad."

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