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Impulsive Reactions Aren't Always Bad

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Seriously, this is probably one of my best qualities and my worst ALL.AT.THE.SAME.TIME. But hey, I can't even be mad, It's literally me and I'm okay with it... at least in this case I was... haha keep reading.

Okay, so on Friday, June 10, 2016, I got a call from a friend of mine, asking me to meet up with him and his cousin, my good friend, Brittany. She was getting married! (Literally the next day.) She needed help with last minute things and they wanted me to meet with them down at the location where she was getting married. I love weddings, so of course I said yes to helping, that was a no brainier.

My friends know me, that I would drop everything at any given moment to assist them in whatever and Brittany was no exception. One thing I love about Brittany is that she's a simple person, really easy going. Britt and Josh didn't want anything elaborate for her wedding, just nice pictures to remember their special day. The plans were pretty casual and they didn't hire a photographer. Brittany is also a photographer, but how could the soon-to-be bride be the bride and the photographer? Plain and simple: NOT POSSIBLE. Therefore, her cousin was actually suppose to take her pictures and I was only going to record the wedding talk for her and her soon-to-be husband, Josh.

Upon my arrival, little did I know, her cousin decided not to take the pictures, because he was scared. Haha, yes I said it and did not want the responsibility on him. (In case the pictures came out bad.) Smart move, but over-zealous me jumped right in to fill the spot! I didn't think twice about being her photographer (at that moment), because taking pictures was something I always did. I remember saying to Britt, "I'll do it! I'll take your pictures! I love taking pictures and I know exactly what to take pictures of... also, I love Pinterest!" {Shout out to Pinterest, you'll forever be the real MVP!}

As soon as I said YES to be photographer, I went to work, basically. At that time, I did not have my own camera, so she let me borrow hers for the rest of the evening into the next day. Let me tell you, I took a photography class my Junior year of High School and still forgot how to work a DSLR camera. Then I started to get nervous. I panicked a few times, I mean, it was her WEDDING!!!! How could I not freak out!? But, Brittany, like the chill, relaxed person she is, was so supportive and calmed me right down.

Morning of the wedding, I was again, bugging out, but Brittany and Josh were CCC. {COOL CALM & COLLECTED} So chill they even went out in our public door-to-door ministry and on their wedding day, amazing. Their relaxed vibe made me feel at ease. I started off taking pictures while Brittany got her hair done at TashaMac's house. After the first few shots, i knew things were going to be just fine.

Long story short, the pictures from her wedding came out BEAUTIFULLY. And no, I'm not just saying that because I took them, but because they really did. They looked so happy and relieved to be united together as ONE, as husband and wife! And I was so happy I got to capture such lovely moments for them! It was a proud moment for me to face a fear and to do something I love! That day truly triggered a desire to keep this going. (Look out for the post, 'Bolivia, Bolivia' to read how that trip really inspired me to make this leap into photography.)

So even though this desire laid dormant for about a year and a half, its BACK & BETTER THAN EVER. So congratulations to me and happy two anniversary FyneApple Photography!

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