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the girl behind FYNEAPPLE

Hiya! I'm AYANA!

Born and raised on the Jersey Shore. Child of two artist; my Father, an eccentric illustrator and my Mother, a quirky shutterbug. A lover of all things YELLOW, GLITTER & CURLY AFROS. Die-heart for off guard photos & candid, unplanned moments. To my acquaintances, I’m no other than a selfie-queen. However, to my closest companions, a huntsman of picture perfect moments. I've been lovin' up on photography since I was a little girl growing up in the 90's and I adored being in front of the camera. Somehow, though, I found myself behind the lens and it totally changed my perspective. That love that transpired from being behind the camera has motivated me to freeze special moments.


If I'm not flicking pics, then most likely buzzin' around, since I never sit still. [You can call me bumblebeebtw] I enjoy spending time with my family and beloved friends. Other than photography, I have a passion for INTERIOR DESIGN and i love to cook & bake.

Part-time photojournalist, Full-time volunteer(that is my favorite career.)

As the sole photographer behind FyneApple Photography, I intend to capture the sweetest moments of life through my camera lens. By incorporating my originality and artistic genes, I want to be able to freeze time and give my clients beautiful, but extraordinary images that will tell a story and truly last a lifetime.


So ask yourself, if a photographer isn't willing to do the most awkward, uncomfortable poses for the sake of the picture perfect shot,


I'm ready to freeze moments together.


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